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Reviewer: A reader from Maidstone, Kent
This is a comic fantasy, which whilst a pastiche on Harry Potter (with nice little side swipes at Ghost, Terminator & Star Wars too), has a great storyline & laughs of its own. So you don't need to be an Harry Potter fan to enjoy it. But Harry Potter fans will obviously get the most out of Parry Hotter. If you want to know what style of humour & fantasy, I'd say if you are a Hitchhikers Guide afficiendo &/or appreciate the wierdness of Discworld, you'll love this book. The full title of this Parry Hotter book is "The Seamy Side of Magic". Most of the seaminess is left to the readers' imagination so it works on two levels - a funny pastiche or an even funnier dark humour novel that's magic!

Reviewer: A reader from London, England
Okay, I haven't read any of the original Harry Potter books, so I suppose I missed some of the jokes, but it's good fun all the same. The author cites influences of various other writers whom I haven't read, and also ... Terry Pratchett - he's better than that: the book is written in real English, with proper punctuation - no mean feat these days. The story may be a bit slow to get going, but it's full of atmosphere, and by the end there's a rip-roaring chase and fight scene, which takes the wind out of a serious movie starring Arnie Schwarzenegger. Sometimes it's a bit difficult to work out what's going on, but there are good reasons for this - part of the fun is finding out what has just happened.
So it's worth a read - probably not suitable for anyone below teenage (its full title includes 'the seamy side of magic' - and yes, some of it is pretty seamy and disgusting). Enjoy it - you won't be woovshelized.

Reviewer: A reader from Derby, United Kingdom
This book is an obvious send up of the Harry Potter series (just look at the name) and also a few well known films. As such some of the story line isn't quite original, but the humour certainly is.

I made the mistake of reading this on the train going to work, which was silly as my howls of laughter were getting me some of the oddest looks.

Each page is packed full of humour to keep you entertained from start to finish so I reccommend reading this regardless of whether you've read the Harry Potter books or not.