If a stranger turned up on your doorstep and wanted to take you away from your comfortable life to a world of magicks and untold danger, do you:

A:) Go willingly into the unknown
B:) Feign a heart attack
Hit him on the back of the head with a brick?

If you answered 'C' congratulations, you're ready for Parry Hotter, and the Seamy Side Of Magic

The book holds a splintered mirror up to JK Rowling's original characters; Harry is mirrored in Parry as a 'normal' teenager, a flawed and selfish character without a single noble bone in his body: The masculine, well meaning but foolish Hagrid is reflected in Gordon, a powerful erudite and dangerous wizard with a penchant for carnivorous pansies and fondant fancies. And as for his friends - the part troll Freddy and food-lover Hormoany - there are a few things more highly prized than friendship…blood, profit, doughnuts and personal safety just for starters…

From this starting point, the characters launch into an original world of their own, taking sideswipes at Ghost, Star Wars and The Terminator amongst others as a wizarding family worthy of a Jerry Springer supernatural edition seek to finally settle a long standing blood feud…using Parry's bodily fluids…